Online booking system for your entire staff

1. Create Profile

Your coach profile will be what the parents see when looking to book lessons for their child.

Tip: Be as descriptive as possible.

2. Type Of Lessons

You get to specify what positions you want to offer.

3. Ages Offered

You get to specify what ages you want to work with.

4. Show Availability

Customers are able to check availability, and book a lesson with you right from your coach profile.

5. Parents Book Online

All of the information, including payment, is collected by us and then deposited straight to your bank account.

6. Coach Dashboard

You have access to all of the information in your coach dashboard.

7. Synced To Your Calendar

All of your upcoming lessons are synced directly to your preferred calendar ensuring you wont miss an appointment.  

8. Team Submission

Submit your team to us for approval. If your program is approved, you will receive an email.

Tip: You can make changes to your listing during the approval period