Our Program
Aggies Baseball helps put athletes that are looking to further their baseball career in the proper place in regards to the "players" goals and not the coach.

All of our coaches are knowledgeable in multiple aspects of the game and have played at least at the collegiate level. This ensures that the coaches understand what is being looked for and are able to pass that along to our athletes.


Our History
Aggies Baseball started in 1969 as a Babe Ruth team located in Watsonville CA. The team was originally named the "Agriculturalist" after the towns strong agriculture economy. The named was later shortened to the "Aggies".

Since then, the Aggies have been transformed into a nationally known program that helps youth athletes in the college recruiting process. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of youth athletes be put in front of pro scouts and college recruiters at prestigious tournaments across the nation.


Over the years Aggies Baseball has developed a reputation for having strong and talented teams. This translates well when playing in nationally known tournaments and keeps pro scouts and college recruiters following the Aggies as they play giving maximum exposure for our athletes.

Throughout the summer and fall, we will play in tournaments that will help get our athletes in front of the schools and teams they are looking to continue on with. It is our job to put our athletes in the proper situation for them to succeed. It is their job to perform.

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Watsonville, CA

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