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OVA Elite Baseball provides a holistic approach to player development combining baseball specific training with physical and mental preparedness to meet the challenges of high stress situations. Our methodology spans across decades of experience at the highest levels. We analyze each player and provide a personalized approach to their development, ensuring they have the right tools and guidance to achieve their goals.

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At ages 15 and 16 our professional coaching staff is focused on specialized training for positions, refining mechanics of hitting and fielding, and looking to improve game intelligence. The schedule will reflect a program that is looking to showcase these skills to college scouts we hope to help place our players with the college program that best suits their abilities and academic focus.

2-4 Practices/week

16-20 Tournaments both local and out of state to include Dynamic Tournaments, Perfect Game, Impact Baseball Tournaments, etc.

Dedication and hard work at practices as well as coach-able behavior earns playing time for players during games.

We will foster healthy competition between our players for positions as well as teach them to display good sportsmanship at games.

Players must maintain a B average on academics to play in our program.

Our focus is on player development and reinforcing proper mechanics. We will earn the wins when our players are displaying the skills they are learning and striving to improve.

ALL coaching is paid professionals that have experience playing and coaching.

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Haymarket, VA, USA


Haymarket, VA, USA