Dedicated coaches that will get you better.
· We will make you a solid infielder.
· We will get you to drive the ball hard.
· We will teach you how to pitch, not just throw the ball hard.
· We will teach you to become a threat on the bases.
Saints Baseball is going on its seventh year since we started with one team by accident then grew to nine teams. In recent months we became a 501 (3)(C), to better help players who can not afford Travel Baseball. In this journey, we realized having a few teams and giving players more individual attention was more rewarding for the coaches. Why, because we are seeing the player develop faster and enjoying the game of baseball more because they learned how to make plays. The player becomes more motivated to come to practice, you start to see an enthusiasm for making the play, not just good fielding mechanics. Then the fun competition will start on who can make the filthiest play. The most impressive thing is that our players will be starting to teach each other and become a true “Band of Brothers”, developing lifelong friendships. Witnessing all this happen in front of us is why we know we will never go back to the days of coaches scurrying from field to field and losing sight of what coaches are supposed to do, teaching the players to enjoy the game. I truly believe it is not the number of teams you have, but the quality of the athlete you are producing.
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